Great Useful Stuff in the Press

GUS is too modest to brag, so we let these people do it for us. We're proud to have had Great Useful Stuff and Kangaroom Storage products receive editorial coverage from Real Simple, The Today Show, and many other outlets.

Press Contact:

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About Blockware LLC and Kangaroom Storage:

Founded in 2003, Blockware is a design and home furnishing company that creates a wide array of products for national retailers. In 2006, Blockware started their own proprietary brand of organizing products called Kangaroom Storage. Kangaroom Storage has gained international recognition as an innovative creator or organizing solutions for home, office, technology, and travel. They have garnered press coverage for their award winning products and this year, Kangaroom's Recycle Bags were nominated for The Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Product at the Los Angeles NAPO Awards.