The GUS Multi-Charger is more than just a solution for the messy cord problem we all have, it's a beautiful piece of furniture too. The Multi-Charger has room for 3 phones, a tablet and laptop. A magnetic base flips open to reveal a hidden storage compartment for wires that otherwise clutter up your desk space. For the multi-device household, this is an accessory you can't do without!

The Details

Room for laptop, tablet
and 3 phones

Cables come out through back
to power supply
Wires snake through openings
Organize excess wire in
hidden compartment

Multiple Options


White Leatherette

Black Leatherette


Dimensions: 10” L x 9” H x 5.22” D.
(Vertical slots measure 1.25" wide and accommodate most laptops and tablets.) In In Stock Feb 25th! Get on the wait list!
Product Code: OFC01095CHKRSD

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5 simple ways to extend your smart- phone's battery life

1. Dim the screen:
More than any other thing on your phone, the screen brightness drains your battery fastest.

2. Turn off Bluetooth:
If you are not connecting anything to your phone via Bluetooth, turn it off and gain some battery life.

3. Disable Wi-Fi when not in use:
Your phone constantly looks for a Wi-Fi signal, draining your battery. If you don't need it, turn it off.

4. Don't use vibrate:
If you keep your ringer on, turn your vibrate function off. It will save you some juice.

5. Turn if off:
Ack! Turn off my phone? You're crazy! Crazy, yes but this is the most fool-proof method of conserving battery life. So when you are sleeping, golfing or in a business meeting, just turn it off. You'll have more juice for catching up with friends later.