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12 Items That Should Be in Every Woman’s Bag

Stick to these 12 items to be prepared for anything

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A woman’s purse can be a life saver or her worse nightmare depending on what’s in it. While the items in a woman’s bag may vary depending on individual taste, there are some items that should be in every handbag. By sticking to just the essentials, your purse can be more survival kit and less black hole. Read on to learn which items you should always keep include in your handbag to be armed and ready for anything.

A Small Mirror

You can count on the kindness of others to point out when you have something on your face, or you can take matters into your own hands 

Hand Sanitizer

This holds especially true if you have small children that like to put their hands…well…everywhere.

Your ID

Considering it’s illegal to order a drink or drive without your driver license, it’s important to keep this one with you wherever you go. 

A Portable Phone Charge

A prepared woman never gives herself the opportunity to get stuck in a bad situation with a dead cell phone.

A Snack

If you are a woman on the go, chances are you skipped breakfast. Stay sharp by keeping a breakfast bar or healthy snack in your bag for when you’re in a hurry.

Lip Balm or Lip Stick

Go as bold or as neutral as you like, but always step out with a freshly glossed pout. 


A busy woman never slows down for anything, not even a headache. Keep a bit of aspirin in your purse so your day is migraine free.

Feminine Products

Even if you may not need them at the time, it always feels good to be the one to help out someone that does.

Hand Lotion

Find a scent that smells great and puts some extra pep in your step throughout the day.

Business Cards

It’s important to always be networking no matter what industry you are in. Seize opportunities by always having your business card ready to be handed out.

An E-Reader

You can pass spare time out and about by diving into other people’s business on Facebook, or you can us the time to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually by catching up on a good book.

A Makeup Book

Yes, we said book not bag. How many times has your organized purse become a mess while digging for eyeliner at the bottom of a makeup pouch? By using a Beauty Book instead you can easily find whatever cosmetics you are looking for without disrupting the rest of your bag. Beauty books come with small compartments that easily hold you nail polishes and cosmetics in place making everything easy to find and tuck away.

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