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5 Ways To Keep Your Child's Room Clean

Beat the Mess by Using these Tidy Up Tricks Today.

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Speak with any parent and you’re likely to hear about the struggle to try and keep their child’s room clean and organized. For many of these parents, it can feel as though the room is back to being a mess when they’ve just finished cleaning it! While we can’t promise you your child’s room will never be a mess again, we can provide you with some fast and easy tips that will may it much more manageable, saving you some time and headache.


Understand How Your Child Sees Their Room

By watching your child play in their room you may gain some insight on how your child approaches their toys and space. Often times parents organize a room according to their own size and needs. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t translate well for kids when they are trying to reach a favorite book or stuffed animals. Eventually, this struggle to take things down and put them back can often turn into a mess. Be mindful of which toys your child goes for the most often and make sure they are put away in easily accessible places that your child can successfully put them back into.


Store Unused Clothing and Toys

There is no need for swim suits and pool toys to take up space during winter months, and the same goes in reverse. Children rooms are often shared, crowded, and lack storage space which is why it’s so important to create space whenever you can. Vacuum seal bags of off season clothing and put away toys that are suitable for different weather. It’s also wise to frequently check clothing in order to see what fits and what doesn’t.


Donate Toys That Aren’t Age Appropriate

While we totally understand holding on to a couple of baby items for sentimental reasons, the majority of those toys would be best used by a child in that specific age range. Look into which toys your child has official “grown out of” and see if there is a family that could use them, or put toys into storage to hand them down to a younger sibling at a later date. Involving your child in giving away some of these items will help instill a spirit of charity in them.


Use Size Appropriate Bins

Putting larger toys and their tiny accessories all in one large bin is a mess waiting to happen. The moment your child goes to look for a tiny shoe or car wheel say goodbye to any type of organization. Instead, separate tiny items into smaller boxes or ziplock bags and store them into larger sealed bins.


Make it Fun for the Whole Family

The best way to keep your child’s bedroom or play room clean is to teach them how to tidy up themselves. Set a daily time for your child to clean and pick up all of their things, you can even use a song to make it more fun. Also, use storage items that kids love like the Noah’s Ark Toy Chests to help them look forward to clean up time!

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