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6 Easy Steps to Organize Your Next Trip

How You Can Make Your Next Trip More Organized and Stress Free

Travel is easier with packing cubes, techaway, and laundry bags

Whether you have multiple vacations coming up or travel frequently for work, staying organized while away from home is the perfect way to save time, money, and headache.

The last thing you want is be fumbling for a passport or realizing that you have no idea where your hotel confirmation is during check-in. By taking the time to incorporate some of our valuable tips into your travel routine you can enjoy your trip stress free.

  • Read the Fine Print

If you are a traveler that enjoys a bit of flexibility, it’s important to know about any important cancelation policies throughout your trip. Take the time to review your hotel, flight, and rental agreements as soon as you book them. This will keep you aware of the service’s return policy and how much time you have to change any reservations.

  • Make a Few Calls

By making the right phone ahead of time, you can avoid coming home to any unwanted surprises. Be sure to call your bank and notify them if you will be traveling out of the country, and put your newspapers on hold if you will be gone for a longer period of time. It’s also wise to give family members, friends, and neighbors a number where they can reach you in case they notice any issues arise at your home.

  • Pack Only What’s Needed

Many hotels provide extra amenities so you don’t need to bring your own. Save a bit of space in your luggage by calling your hotel ahead of time to find out what already comes with the room and cross the items off of your packing list.

  • Look into Reviews Early On

While it may not be necessary to plan every aspect of your trip ahead of time, you can easily learn about entry fees, closing times and the best hours to visit a destination by simply reading their reviews ahead of time.

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  • Streamline Your Trip

Take the hassle out of traveling by streamlining your travel as much as possible. Use a bag designed for travel like the TechAway Travel Roll to easily access your passport, wallet, e-readers and chargers without having to dig into your carry on or reach into the overhead compartment mid-flight.

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