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7 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet

Create Space and Simplicity With These Simple Closet Organizational Tips

If finding the right clothes to wear in the morning seems like a chore thanks to limited closet space and too much clothing, it may be time to reconsider your organization process. How you start your day can greatly affect how the rest of your day unfolds (no pun intended), so it’s important to try and make mornings as easy and straight forward as possible. By incorporating some of these simple organizational tips for your closet, you will be able to put together your favorite outfits with little hassle or stress.


Line Your Drawers with Smaller Boxes

Using drawer liners or shoe boxes is an easy way to create smaller cubbies in your drawers to divide underwear, stockings and socks.


Use Pool Noodles to Keep Boots in Shape

Got some extra pool noodles lying around the house? Cut them into smaller pieces and use them to fill your boots so they stand straight up. This way there will be no bends or creases in the leather when you are ready to wear them.


Put Away T-Shirts Upright

We are all guilty of the same process. You fold and tuck your shirts away into a drawer and then destroy the entire pile when it’s time to look for a specific one. By putting away your shirts upright instead of lying flat you will be able to see exactly which shirt is the one you are looking for and will be able to easily access it without making a mess.


Get Rid of Clothing You Barely Wear

Make sure all of your hangers are facing one direction. As you use your clothes, turn the hangers in the opposite direction. After 12 months it will be easy to spot which clothes were never worn, so you know exactly what to donate in order to free up some space in your closet.


Use a Shoe Organizer for Make Up and Accessories

If you like to keep your makeup and accessories in your closet, consider organizing them by storing them in a transparent shoe organizer. This will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for at a glance and will help prevent you from having to dump out everything in your bag to find one item.


Layout Your Clothes in Advance

If you find you are short on time in the morning, or simply would like to carve out an extra few moments to enjoy your coffee before heading to work, consider choosing your outfits in advance. By hanging your clothes for the week separately from the others and labeling them in by the day of the week that you intend to use them, you can rest assured that you will always love what you walk out the door in.


Use a Closet Organizer

When in doubt, using a closet organizer like the Complete Hanging Closet System is the perfect way to quickly organize your closet and create some space. This organizer has a carved out space for practically every aspect of your wardrobe and it’s easily labeling system helps keeps the space mess free!

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