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7 Steps to a Cleaner Craft Room

Create the Craft Room of Your Dreams Today

Wall bins, hanging storage, maximize space so you can be more creative.

Your craft room is your creative “happy place”, but when that space becomes a mess it’s far from the sanctuary you intended for it to be. It’s a fact that scissors, sewing materials, glue, and other craft objects have a tendency to get all over the place, making it no fun to attempt a new craft. In addition to being frustrating to work in, a messy craft room can actually cost you more money by making it difficult to see which items you already have resulting in the purchase of duplicate items. To help restore peace and joy to your craft room, read on to find some simple organizational tips to try out today.

Use Scrap Fabric to Create a Wall Organizer

Often a craft will leave you with oddly shaped fabric pieces that typically end up stuffed into a drawer or tossed out. Try sewing your scrap fabric to a larger piece of fabric to create neat little pockets to hold small buttons or pins.

Use a Peg Board

If your dilemma comes from tucking away smaller items like sewing spools or washi tape, try using a peg board where you can see a selection of tiny items at a glance. It also helps to incorporate the use of mason jars and labels.

Use PC pipes for Paint Storage

Larger PC pipes cut into smaller pieces make it easy to mount paint bottles to the wall so you can easily find the color you are searching for without having to make a mess.

Organize Based on Use

Everyone uses their craft space for different purposes. While some are more into knitting, others may be more into painting or wood working. Each activity requires different craft items, so it’s smart to make the items you use the most frequently easy to access, while the supplies you use only once in a while can be neatly tucked away.

Store Bins According to Seasons

From scrap booking to sewing, it’s likely you have accumulated some seasonal items. If you’re making a craft in the middle July, chances are you won’t be needing Christmas tree buttons or snow man stickers. Create bins that are dedicated to different seasons and holidays and place the ones that are not currently in use into storage until they are needed.

Create an Inventory List

While it may take some time to assemble, an inventory list of craft supplies is the perfect way to keep track of what items you have, are running out of, or currently need. Not only will this save you money, but it also helps to know which crafts you already have all of the supplies for.

Keep Your Items Where You Can See Them

Having items that you frequently use tucked away into drawers and boxes just creates a bigger mess. Try keeping your items on display by using Hanging Craft Bins to easily access your favorite tools. Plus, the craft bins come with a space to label each box so you will always remember what goes where.

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