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7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Dinner Party

Follow These Simple Steps to Create a Memorable Evening

Allow your decor to inspire conversation for your guests.

Dinner parties are the perfect way to slow down and reconnect with family and friend over a good meal. Today, many Americans spend less than twenty-five minutes quickly eating their meal before returning to their long list of to-do’s. That’s why it’s so important to carve out a bit of time in your week to enjoy quality conversation, wine, and food. Here we will be sharing some of our favorite tips to create the perfect atmosphere for a memorable dinner party.


Keep Your Guest List Small

When it comes to creating the perfect evening, it’s more about the quality of the guests rather than the quantity. Try to stay in the window of 6-8 guests, always sticking to even numbers so no guest ever feels left out of a conversation. Not only does this allow guests to get to know everyone without feeling overwhelmed, but it also allows you to invest in better ingredients with less mouths to feed.


Schedule Your Dinner Party on a Weeknight or Friday Night

Most people tend to make their plans for the weekend early on. By hosting a dinner party during the week (at a reasonable hour), guests have a relaxing event to look forward to before a busy weekend.


Prep as Much as You Can Ahead of Time

Look for recipes that allow you to get the majority of the prep work done ahead of time. This allows you to spend the actual evening preparing a warm atmosphere and getting yourself dressed and ready, rather than frantically rushing around a kitchen.


Go for Family Style Meals

Instead of trying to make perfect individual plates that may or may not be enough for your guests, serve your meal family style. This allows your guests to feel free to eat at their leisure or take more of what they like.


Keep the Wine Flowing

While you don’t want to pressure your guests to drink a good host knows how to keep the wine flowing without interrupting the conversation. Try picking two to three different types of wine and being sure there is enough for each guest to have at least three glasses.


Make Sure Invites are Sent at Least a Week Ahead

While t doesn’t need to be a formal invitation, make sure you inform guests about the dinner party at least one week before. Guests should be able to RSVP within a day or two, giving you time to make the necessary preparations.


Get Creative with Serve ware

Plates, place mats and place cards are the perfect ice breaker so make sure to get creative when choosing what to place on your table. Try décor that’s elegant but still fun like these inspiring Natural Jute Place mats that feature words like “Grateful”, “Bountiful”, “Sustaining” and “Nourishing”. With these types of unique touches, your guest will have plenty to talk about before you can even say “dinner is ready”.




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