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8 Brilliant Date Night Ideas (That Don’t Involve Watching Movies)

Try These Creative Date Night Ideas To Spend Some Quality Time Together

Enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one.

For many couples maintaining “date night” is the key to a happy relationship. While it’s important to carve out time in your busy schedule to spend quality time with your spouse, it’s just as important to think of new and creative ways to do so. Here we will share some romantic ideas to try out for your next date night.

Visit an Art Museum

If it’s been difficult to steer the conversation with your spouse away from topics like the kids, bills or other responsibilities, try choosing a setting that inspires cultural conversation. Try to guess each others favorite art pieces and discuss which paintings speak to you. You may just learn something new about your significant others tastes in art.

Take a Class Together

There’s nothing like learning something new together to really grow closer as a couple. Try to choose activities that require you to work together rather than compete against each other. Ideas can include dance class, cooking class, or even learning a new language. The best part about learning a new skill together is that you will be able to spend quality time practicing even when you’re not in class.

Visit a Comedy Club

Laughter is an incredible aphrodisiac and both men and women appreciate someone with a good sense of humor. Raise your natural endorphins by going out on the town for a couple of drinks and lots of laughs. 

Couples Spa Day

After a busy week, chances are you can both use an opportunity to unwind. Spend the day at a couple’s spa and finish up with a light lunch and a glass of champagne for a truly luxurious and relaxing date.

Visit an Amusement Park

Remember the fun you had as a kid visiting the local amusement park? Who says any of that has to change now that you’re an adult. Turn back the clock an enjoy feeling like a kid together while you ride roller coasters, play games and eat junk food together.

Host a Party Together

Sometimes a date night doesn’t have to be just the two of you. Host a dinner party with other couples or plan a double date night at a karaoke bar of miniature golf course. It always fun to connect with other couples with similar interests.

Work On Your Bucket List Together

Have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do? Trade bucket lists and take turns helping each other cross them off. There’s no better way to make incredible memories than by helping each others dreams come true.

Plan the Perfect at Home Picnic

Romance doesn’t always have to mean leaving the house. With a little preparation you can create the perfect at home picnic for you and your spouse. Make sure you are equipped with picnic essentials like the Bamboo Duo Wine Carrier or the Appetizer flex tray to really impress your date.


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