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How to Organize Your Work Space and Increase Productivity

Easy Steps to Organize Your Office and Get More Done

Charging stations prepare your devices for a productive work day!

In order to receive your highest rate of productivity, some organization and forward planning is required. While you may feel like you are too busy to take the time to organize your schedule and works space, by doing so you can actually save hours each day. Simply incorporate some of our favorite strategies and handy tools to create an efficient work routine while getting more done!


Trash Whatever Is No Longer Needed

Receipts from 5 years ago, supplies that have gone unopened, even furniture that’s never used. If it does not contribute to your work space in a functional, aesthetic, or organizational manner, it’s best to get rid of it. Try to focus in on one area of your office at a time, assessing the last time you’ve used an item and the next time it will be needed. Based on these answers you will want to either shred, file, organize or trash these items.


Create Dedicated Sections of Your Office

It’s important that everything in your office has it’s own space, otherwise it won’t be long before your freshly organized office is back to being a mess. Decide which areas will be dedicated to files, stationary and work items, and bill paying necessities like checks and envelopes. Once every item has it’s designated area it will be easy to return an item to where it belongs.


Keep the Important Items Near You

To avoid becoming unorganized while working in a hurry, make sure the items you use on the most frequently are placed close to where you are seated. By having the important items within arm’s reach it becomes easy to grab and return something to its specific spot. This approach also saves you time from having to search for things like missing pens and staplers.

Have a Distraction Pad

If you find yourself become easily distracted throughout your work day, make sure you keep a distraction pad near you to help stay on task. A distraction pad is simply a notebook that’s kept nearby where you can write down any distracting thoughts or ideas for a later date. This method is particularly helpful for creative entrepreneurs that often have several ideas to work on at the same time.

Labels, Labels, Labels

While it may seem a bit excessive, labels are the perfect way to streamline your work flow and stay on top of tasks. We suggest making labels to sort mail, emails, and project documents according to what needs to be addressed, what is currently in progress and what needs to be completed. This task alone can save you hours each day.

Keep Tech Items Charged and Ready

It’s never attractive or productive to have a desk filled with scattered gadgets and tangled charging chords. Add a charging station like the Multi Device Charging Station & Cable Cubby Station to create ample room on your desk to work, while keeping your devices charged and ready to go. This technique can also save you countless money on having to replace frayed charger chords or damaged devices.


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