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Collapsible Brushed Cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection

Collapsible Brushed Cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection

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Collapsible Brushed Cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection

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You've taken the time to wash and fold your linens, but storing them is a mess! You end up shoving them where you can and some fall on the floor, ruining all your work… Well not anymore, thanks to our handy, 100% brushed cotton storage units! With 3 convenient sizes to fit your washcloths, towels, pillowcases, and sheets, your linen woes are over. The front panels Velcro open for easy access, and the storage units fold flat when not in use. Use our preprinted labels or turn them over to customize and keep everything organized just the way you want it! 

  • 3 SIZES AVAILABLE -- Your towels, sheets, washcloths, and blankets are all different sizes. Our new Linen Closet offers 3 different sized organizers with each size specifically designed to maximize closet space. Our small size is perfect for all your washcloths and hand towels. The medium size is great for any and all sheets, bath towels, and duvets. And lastly, our large is best for blankets, quilts, bath sheets, and beach towels.

  • FRONT FLAP FOLDS DOWN FOR OPTIMAL USE -- How many times do you go to your linen closet and the one item you need is at the bottom? Our front flap and side panels keep your carefully stacked linens in neat order. They won't tumble out when you need to pull out items stacked on the bottom. This is the BEST way to keep your closet organized, while also being able to easily use your linens!

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PERFECT LINEN CLOSET -- Some people like to keep their linens together by room, some by size, and some by item. Our Linen Closet Organizers come with a complete set of pre-printable labels that fit nicely in the label window on the front flap. Or flip them over and write your own!

  • MADE OF 100% COTTON HIGH QUALITY TWILL FABRIC -- You spend a lot of money on your linens, so why not store them in a nice organizer that ensures your linens stay folded in an orderly, presentable fashion!

  • LARGE -- 17" W X 15"D X 12.5" H .Holds 2 comforters,or3 quilts, or 5-6 bath sheets

  • 100% Cotton
  • Before/After Linen Bins


  1. I love them review by Carol on 11/9/2015

    This system has brought order to my once-cluttered linen closet. I use the large for blankets, the medium for sheets and towels, and the small for washcloths and pillowcases. The pulldown front makes it easy to see everything inside. They come with premade labels.** Note to seller*** -- one of the labels has a typo: "washclothes" should be "washcloths."

  2. Served the purpose nicely review by on 9/2/2015

    Product is the only one of its kind I could find. The velcro could be stronger to hold the container together more securely but for our needs it works fine. We found the shipping charge to be excessively high.

  3. So Glad These Are Still Around! review by on 7/29/2015

    I have every bed size in our home, and it is SO frustrating when all the sheets get thrown together in the closet. I got these closet organizers and then took a permanent marker and labeled a corner of each sheet with its size. Now each size goes in its own spot and it is all organized -- LOVE THESE !!

  4. Found these in Better Home and Gardens review by Stacy B on 7/23/2015

    They seem very durable. I think they will make my closet look great. I wasn't sure what color to get so I called customer service - They were very helpful. All in all a very nice experience.

  5. Great product! review by DEL in Detroit on 7/23/2015

    Thanks, Great Useful Stuff! I am not using these for my linen closet but for my clothes closet. Keeps everything in order from jeans to underwear and shoes. The front flap that folds down is ingenious. So much easier to get to the bottom of the bin that way.

  6. I love these!!!! review by Gillian Moto on 7/23/2015

    Great solution to an ugly, messy closet. They are very durable and hold a lot of towels and sheets. I am happy that I bought them. 5 stars!!!!

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