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Cord Corral Cable and Cord Organizer with 6-Magnetically Secured Spindles

Cord Corral Cable and Cord Organizer with 6-Magnetically Secured Spindles

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Cord Corral Cable and Cord Organizer with 6-Magnetically Secured Spindles

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The G.U.S. Cord Corral and Cable Organizer is our answer to the ever-present problem of under-desk cord clutter. Between your computer, monitor, printer, desk lamp and other electronics, cabling can control your workspace. Our Cord Corral hides all of the mess while eliminating tangles at the same time. Place a power strip in the base of the unit, and plug in all device chargers. Run the charging cables up through the EVA foam cord ports for a clean look, and a centralized charging experience. Wrap any excess cabling around the included magnetic spools to prevent tangles. Worry about your work, not your workspace. Available in four colors, our Cord Corral can keep your desk clean while fitting your personal style.

The Cord Corral and Cable Organizer keeps your desk clean.


All of your electrical desktop items can be use with ouur Cord Corral

Easy Setup

Simply place your 6 outlet power-strip on the base of your cord organizer, wrap your cords around the magnetic spools and up through the EVA cord portal. Your devices are powered and your floor, desk or table are completely free of unsightly cords.

Our Cord Corral hides both your power strip and your charging cables.

Designed Exlusively by G.U.S.

With careful thought and execution, our expert industrial design team sketched dozens of versions of the Cord Corral before landing on this design. We wanted to develop a product that not only functioned well but also looked great. With that in mind, we took it one step further by designing three more Cord Corrals in different colors and materials, suitable for any decor or style. The Zen, City Pop, Cottage and Rustic Modern Collections were designed with you in mind.

Measures 5 inches x 10.6 inches x 11. inches.

Product Specs

Useful for your office, personal electronics or home entertainment cetner.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo, MDF, Polyurethane Leatherette, EVA Foam, Extra Durable 600 Denier polyester, leatherette and magnets

10.6" x 5.0" x 11"

In the box:
- 1 corral unit
- 6 spools for cord winding

  1. Built Wrong, ZERO magnetic parts review by San Clemente on 2/25/2016

    The six plastic spindles are supposed to attach magnetically to the back of the box interior. There are NO magnets anywhere. You shipped a replacement box to me with a promise you would inspect it first to make sure the components are as advertised. But you did not inspect it and instead the second box was exactly like the first one: unusable. Not only that, but the interior of the box was covered with a fine dust... both boxes. Without the magnets on the spindles, and magnets on the box, there is NO WAY to use this product. It is just a pile of spindles in a pile of cables in a box...

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