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Custom Charging Collection: Mix and Match: $20 to $140

Custom Charging Collection: Mix and Match: $20 to $140

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Custom Charging Collection: Mix and Match: $20 to $140

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Everyone owns a different set of tech devices. Why get charging for devices you don't have? Our new Customized Charging Collection combines modern eco-friendly bamboo with 100% genuine leather accents to offer a sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional charging stations. Space-saving, easy to setup and use, and with a modern aesthetic, the modular Docks of our Customized Charging Collection offer the ultimate unique charging solution tailored to your specific charging needs. Mix and match pieces including Laptop Dock, Tablet Dock (with magnetic sides), Smartphone Dock (with magnetic sides), and Power Hub with Bamboo Cover.


  1. Laptop stand too narrow review by Anna Farr on 10/31/2015

    Bought the laptop stand and the gap is too narrow to hold a high end pc laptop. Woudl be fine for a slimline or a mac, but won't work for my 17 inch laptop. Could have been saved the trouble if the thickest laptop possible dimension had been listed.

  2. EVERYTHING on my desk is organized and charged! review by Sarah on 7/23/2015

    I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the cost for the full set but it was definitely worth it. My desk is completely organized and looking good. I especially like the power square. Really innovative product!

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