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G.U.S No-Sag Hanging Essential 4-Shelf Closet Organizer

G.U.S No-Sag Hanging Essential 4-Shelf Closet Organizer

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G.U.S No-Sag Hanging Essential 4-Shelf Closet Organizer

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Stronger and more durable than any other hanging shelving system out on the market! Our Hanging 4 Shelf Closet Organizer is made of durable 600 Denier Polyester with reinforced stitching and sturdy shelves. Strong Velcro strapping system, attaches to any closet rod and our unique snapping system allows you to attach multiple shelving units together for a complete modular closet solution for any number of your needs.


- Closets

- Bath and bed linens

- Toys and games

- Office supplies

- Crafts

Product Details:

- Durable and strong 600 Denier Polyester

- Thick, premium quality board, lines the shelves to prevent sagging

- Extra strong stitching prevents rips and tears at the seams

- Industrial strength Velcro lined flap attaches  to your closet rod so your shelves hang securely

- Snaps line the sides of the shelves so multiple units can be attached together

- Measures 12 x 31.5 x 12 inches.

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4-Shelf Closet Organizer with Collapsible Front Lid
The 4-Shelf Closet Organizer with Collapsible Front Lid is an upgraded version of our standard 4-Shelf Closet Organizer. Made of the same durable 600 Denier Polyester, the deluxe units incorporate a collapsible front lid, perfect for keeping what you store, in your bin, eliminating storage avalanches. Each 4-Shelf Closet Organizer with Collapsible Front Lid has a label window for (included) pre-printed labels, covering a dozen different uses for your shelves. And if one of our labels doesn't "fit the bill", just flip over and make your own! As with all the organizers in the Hanging Closet System, the 4-Shelf Closet Organizer with Collapsible Front Lid comes with a heavy duty Velcro flap that attaches to your closet rod and innovative snaps that allow you to attach any of our organizing units together for a streamlined and uniform look.

Product Dimensions: 12 x 31.5 x 12 inches

Hanging Boot Cubby

There are plenty of shoe organizers on the market but what about your boots? With room for 3 pairs of your favorite boots, our 3 shelf Hanging Boot Cubby attaches to your closet rod easily and securely and can be snapped to any other organizer in the Complete Hanging Closet System collection.

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