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Packing Cubes - 4 Piece Set

Packing Cubes - 4 Piece Set

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Packing Cubes - 4 Piece Set

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This lightweight, set of 4 packing cubes cleverly holds everything you need for a quick getaway. Each pouch has plenty of room to hold clothing and is labeled for easy access in your suitcase. Pouches Velcro together to hang securely on a hanger when you arrive at your destination to create your own portable dresser. Front Mesh panels let you see what’s inside. Time to go? Just place pouches back in your suitcase and you are on your way - we even included a pouch for dirty clothes to make unpacking even easier! 




Underwear/Socks bag - 14" L x 3" W x 7" H
Workout bag - 14" L x 3" W x 7" H
Shirts bag - 14" L x 3" W x 10" H
Worn bag - 14" L x 3" W x 12" H

300 denier polyester and rubberized mesh

  1. Practical bliss review by Karen Rensink on 6/22/2015

    These packing blocks make traveling a breeze! The only thing I would change is the titles of each bag. I think that the company should provide options that can be attached by the customer because workout clothes are not what I pack for trips, and there is no bag for shorts or pants. Otherwise, perfect idea!

  2. Perfect for travel! review by Katherine on 6/18/2015

    I love the packing cubes. Just arrived home from Atlantic City and was able to organize my packing for the first time. Everything had its
    place and I knew where to find it! My partner was thrilled I did not have to make a mess looking through things to find what I wanted!
    Than you!

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