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  1. Portable Charging Center for Tech Gear- (Rattan) Portable Charging Center for Tech Gear- (Rattan)

    Portable Charging Center for Tech Gear- (Rattan)

    For tech-loving folks with lots of electronic devices, this ultra cool holiday gift provides the ease of portable charging at home, in an office or on the go! Now, these folks can easily transport all of their electronic devices from room to room, without having to repeatedly look for outlets and unplug and plug in each item! The new Portable Charging Center for Tech Gear from charges up to 3 smartphones, 2 tablets, a laptop and watch at one time while keeping messy charging cords hidden! This Charging Center is the ultimate one-spot charging depository and makes the best holiday gift for people with multiple tech gadgets!Features: * 4 port built-in USB power strip included * Room for a 6 port AC power strip to be added to charge laptops and tablets. * Separate interior platform area to charge a watch or other wearable tech device. * Peek-through window in the front provides visibility for phones so you’ll never miss an important call or message while it’s charging. * Available in three finishes: white with crown-molding-inspired details, walnut veneer and rattan with faux leatherette trim and antiqued brass rivets. * 17" x 7.5" x 7.5" (12" High with handle up) 1.5" wide gap for phones, tablet, 1.22" for laptop.
  2. Cable Cubby

    This Cable Cubby solves all your cord chaos by neatly hiding unattractive power strips, adapters, and excess cord length from piling up on your floors or cluttering your desk. Weave all wires through the three mouseholes in the back of the unit to charge or power any electronic devices--from computers and routers to lamps and printers.
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Items 1 to 10 of 46 total